Mrs Nicole Hartel is our Head of Sport. She has represented EP and SA in Hockey, plus EP in Cricket.  She has also been a provincial umpire.

Westering High School believes that sport plays a vital role in the school curriculum, aiding not only in the physical development of scholars, but it also creates a platform for character development and leadership while having fun and bonding with teammates.

As such, sport is compulsory for all learners at Westering.

Grade 8 and 9 learners are expected to choose one Summer Code sport and 1 Winter Code Sport. Seniors from Grade 10 to Grade 12 can choose either one Summer or Winter Code sport for the year.

See the list below for more information.

Summer Codes


Aerobics is a popular Summer Code sport offering which focuses on the improvement of overall cardio fitness, muscular strength and cardio-vascular fitness through rhythmic exercise.


During the summer months, Athletics is a major focus point for a large number of Westering learners who enjoy competitive track running.

Cricket (Boys and Girls)

Cricket is open to all Westering learners during the summer months with enthusiastic boys and girls teams at competitive levels.


FUTSAL has been introduced at Westering High School since 2022. FUTSAL is offered to girls & boys, in order to promote participation in various sporting codes amongst all learners. 

Summer and Winter Codes


Westering offers all learners the opportunities to show off their skills on the golf course during both the summer and winter months and has helped learners reach professional golfing levels.


Squash is offered to Westering learners to build and improve their skills on the squash courts under the careful guidance of our squash coaches.


Field hockey is an important sport on the Westering summer and winter roster and is offered to all Westering learners across skill levels. Westering prides itself in producing professional, competitive and diligent hockey players.


Netball is offered to Westering girls at all grades allowing our girl to train, improve and compete at various levels. Netball is offered in the summer and winter months.


Rugby is highly-favoured at Westering offering learners’ safe and competitive training to hone their skills on the rugby field under the tutelage of experienced rugby coaches. Rugby can be played in both the summer and winter months.

Walk For Life

In addition to our offered sports, Westering learners are able to partake in the Walk For life programme. Walk For Life offers an exercise option for learners at all fitness levels to exercise through walking.

This programme is offered as a part of the Summer Code and Winter Code.


Chess is offered as a sport at Westering where learners are able to participate in chess for beginners as well as league chess matches.

Winter Only Codes

Cross Country

Cross Country is offered to learners as a winter-only sport with learners showing keen participation at competitive and casual levels.