Mrs L Paul, our school Counsellor

At Westering High School, we believe that charity begins at home. The school and learners are involved in a number of charity drives to benefit and further our community. 

We have an in-house qualified COUNSELLOR to ensure that our learners receive the necessary support, guidance and tuition in life skills to tackle and resolve the challenges presented to us in daily life.

Learners can become involved in the following Pastoral activities:


We work with other activities/clubs including Interact, Impact and, at times, with other organisations including the Westering Methodist church with the purpose to collect and distribute food and other necessity items to Westering families in need.


The Peace Club is a small, learner-centered club with the purpose of learning how to be a "peace builder" in life. Discussion topics include matters such as conflict, tolerance and effective communication.

Join a club or charity drive to become more involved in helping our community.