Leadership & Service


Mr Brendon Jordan is the Head of our Leadership Portfolio.

At Westering High School, we believe in the importance of developing leadership skills that can be carried into the world upon Matriculating.

Leadership opportunities at Westering include the following:

1. The Prefect Body

School prefects are elected in a fair and democratic voting process to represent the school and carry out their prefect duties and responsibilities with pride. The prefect body is headed by a Headboy and Headgirl with their respective vices.

2. Toastmasters

Good leadership comes with practice and one of the ways to hone your leadership skills is in Toastmasters. In Toastmasters, members learn leadership skills by organising and conducting meetings as well as by completing projects. These projects address important skills such as listening, planning, motivating, and team building and also allow the team members to practice them.

Toastmasters also help learners overcome the fear of public speaking and learn skills that will allow them to become more successful in future endeavours. 

3. Representative Council for Learners (RCL)

The Representative Council of Learners is a statutory body elected by the learners for the learners to allow learners to voice their concerns through a formal forum of communication.

4. Leadership Training

Westering offers current and future Presidents, Chairpersons, Secretaries and Treasurers of various school groups and societies the opportunity to be trained and mentored in order to effectively fulfil their responsibilities in their respective positions.

5. Grade 11 and Grade 12 Committees

Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners are afforded the opportunity to expand their leadership skills by becoming involved in committees that are exclusive to their respective grades.

6. Junior City Council

The Junior City Council of Port Elizabeth is a non-profit organisation where young, elected leaders from various high schools attend monthly meetings to discuss the key issues that face the youth and the community of Port Elizabeth. This offers a great opportunity for young scholars to develop their leadership skills and their professionalism while working hard to improve the community.

7. Grade 10 Leadership Courses

At Westering the Grade 10 learners are afforded the opportunity to partake in a leadership course that will benefit them for future prefect selection.

8. Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES)

The Young Entrepreneurs Society aims to develop creative thinking skills and entrepreneurial qualities needed in industry and business. The members of YES also take part in the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge which further develops these skills.

9. Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge is a fast-moving game of business domination - a strategy game in which learners have five weeks to compete for the top spot by launching their own business by taking calculated risks in the gaming world and launching their own marketing campaigns to ultimately generate revenue through sales.

Along the way, learners will make useful contacts that may open doors when the time comes to put their entrepreneurial flair to the test for real. The Allan Gray Entrepreneurial challenge is also a fast way to learn hardcore business skills as well as an accompanying certification that can be included on the learner's CV.


Mrs Cecelia Perring is the Head of our Service Portfolio

At Westering High School, we nurture the culture of “service above self” and grant our learners the opportunity to display their willingness to be of service to their school in different spheres of school life.

The opportunities for service are:


Once a term we receive a visit from the blood bank. We encourage the whole school to donate blood as it is needed all over the country. We proudly donate between 60-80 pints of blood with every visit and are classified as one of the best blood-donating collection centres in Port Elizabeth.


The maintaining and purchasing of setwork books, reinforcing and stamping the books as well as issuing and retrieving of books.


The computer club meets every Monday. For now, it is limited to senior students, mostly grade 12s. Most of the time the computer club plays multiplayer games with and against each other in large groups up to 30 at a time. Games such as BattleField 2, Counter Strike and more. Occasionally, members design a 3D object of their own and have the opportunity to print it via the 3D printer.


Learners assist in organizing the boys' Cricket kits and do inventory at the beginning and end of terms 1 and 4. Learners also assist in getting drinks ready for the day's matches and set up stumps on the pitch. 


A cricket scorer is someone appointed to keep record of all information during cricket matches. For example, runs scored, wickets taken, overs bowled etc. They also draw up an analysis at the end of every match and ensure that records are up to date and available to the coaches. Cricket scoring training is provided to all interested in cricket scoring, no matter what your experience may be.  


Learners umpire cricket matches for midweek games (Boys U14B, Boys U15B, Girls 1st and 2nd team). 


Service to Debating entails being in a position of leadership in the debating society e.g. chairperson, training of junior debaters and helping with the organization of debates.


Service to Drama entails being involved backstage for Interhouse plays and Major school productions.


E-Media Monitors assist in the management and organization of the centre.  They help with copying, printing, laminating, binding and other tasks as requested by the users of the centre. These monitors also assist with the general use of applications, when required.


Everyone at Westering High School take part in the Enviro Club for the love of it. The Enviro Club helps with clean-up around the school, to improve our gardens, help with the veggie garden, do beach clean-ups, plant extra succulents and to organise special outings. If you want to help the environment, the EnviroClub is for you!


Learners in this activity are responsible for hoisting and striking the school flag as well as the national flag. This responsibility is taken up for 2 consecutive years by the learners chosen for this responsibility.


We take care of any illnesses and injuries at school and we are present at school derby days, along with 2 medics from GuardMed. Learners have two weekends at the beginning of the year where they can qualify as First Aiders and then they work at all the sport events during the year. We have pupils who have done the level 3 first aid course who are our front-liners at rugby, hockey and netball matches. Some of our teachers are also qualified First Aiders.


Hockey Tech-table duty is all about the passion and love for the game. The learner is involved with following scheduled games, working alongside the umpires, and creating a good relationship with visiting teams, to name but a few highlights of being a tech-table assistant.


Impact is the Christian religious activity at our school. Members come together every second break to worship, sing and pray. Once a week we have a religious lesson where we can worship and on Friday afternoons we come together in the hall and enjoy singing, praying and dancing for our Lord.               


Interact is a national organization responsible for the collection of food, blankets and clothes for the less fortunate and under-privileged people. The Interact committee work and help out at Save-a-Pet, Penguins, Old Age Homes and Children’s homes.


Netball scorers and timekeepers are an integral part of the game.  They assist officials from the start to the end match.  This service requires a love of the game of Netball and commitment to the development of the sport.


Photos are taken of events that happen at school such as derby days, team photos etc. Learners take photos of these events and assist the Yearbook team and Westeringer team with the collation of photos for publishing.


This is a service that is offered by top  grade 8 and 9 learners from each class who volunteer to help peers in their own class to better understand work that was not mastered in class. These learners offer an hour of their time after school hours from Monday to Thursday to help their peers individually. These volunteers are awarded after two years of service.

The objective is to have struggling learners learn from someone he/she can relate to who has mastered the work taught in class. An educator is assigned to supervise these classes daily.


A digital library is available using Snapplify digital library. Learners and teachers sign in using their school email address and password. Apart from fiction and non-fiction, also available are resources like different textbooks and study guides to assist with assessments. Learners download the Snapplify app in order to read the books. Once a book is checked out, no WIFI is required in order to read the book.

The reading library still has hard copies (fiction) available for learners who prefer this, but all new books purchased are in digital form.


The sound crew is the audio/visual team of the school. They are involved in all events in and school activity that includes and requires sound and visuals, e.g. Assemblies, prize-givings and special events like the Interhouse quiz, Mr and Miss Westering and the bi-annual School Musical.

The Sound Crew is a dedicated group of learners who put in a lot of time and effort into helping school events running smoothly and effectively.


Tuckshop learners assist in the tuckshop.  This service includes Saturday duties as well as working at the Co-Ed and other festivals hosted by Westering High.


We offer a service whereby pupils can do homework at school under supervision of either a Physical Sciences teacher or a Pure Mathematics teacher. Tutors/peers who do well academically are available should the learners require assistance with doing homework / catching up or preparing for tests. Peer teaching is beneficial to both parties.