Information & Communication Technology

Mr Phil Robinson is the Head of Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Westering High School is committed to the use of Information & Communication Technology to improve the teaching and learning experience.  The use of ICT supports and enhances the delivery of information, in the classroom and beyond. In a world of ever-evolving technology, we believe it important to make technology a routine part of our educational experiences.


Grade 8 – 12 learners make use of Tablets, iPads, Laptops, or Chromebooks to access their eBook instead of using printed textbooks. In addition to this being environmentally conscious, learners are able to access additional curriculum content such as videos, images, links to websites and more that are pushed to their devices by educators. The miEbooks app installed on these electronic devices has many useful functions such as highlighting, summary generating and notes which can help to streamline learning. The miEbooks platform is managed by ITSI and our network administrators.

Since lockdown, we have incorporated MS Teams and Office 365 into our E-Learning for online teaching, parents’ meetings and other digital content.

Learners have managed 24-hour access to the school Wi-Fi with internet connectivity to further their learning.

CAT and IT

These subjects are offered to Grade 10 – 12 learners who choose it as one of their subjects. Numbers are limited, but we have 4 computer labs in which these classes take place.

CAT involves working with computers and applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access, and learners are also taught the basics of HTML. This subject contains theory and practical components.

In IT, learners are taught programming using the Delphi application. IT also includes theory and practical components.

E-Media Centre

One lab is dedicated to the E-Media centre. The venue is available for learners during breaks as well as after school. Copying, printing, laminating as well as binding services are on offer. This centre is headed up by Ms T Masabalala and assisted by staff and E-Media monitors.

Network Administration

Mr P. Robinson, assisted by Mr Nelmapius, manages the student and staff networks, ITSI and Office 365, enabling us to use ICT to enhance the teaching and learning experience. School administration is also executed through these platforms.