At Westering High School we believe that charity begins at home. The school is involved in a number of charity drives to benefit our community.

We also have two in-house qualified counsellors to ensure that our learners receive the necessary support, guidance and tuition in life skills to tackle and resolve the challenges presented to us in daily life.


ENVIRO CLUB. We all take part for the love of it. Enviro Club helps with clean up, improve our garden, help with the vegetable garden, do beach clean-ups,  plant extra succulents and organise outings.

INTERACT is a national organisation. They collect food, blankets and clothes for the poor people. They work and help at the Save-a-pet, Penguins, old age homes and children homes.

The learners love to use their time to help others in the community, in the school and in the surrounding areas. We sometimes also collect money to save animals, like the Rhino. We helped with different collections after the Knysna fire disasters.

BLOOD DRIVE happens once a term. We encourage the whole school to donate blood as it is needed all over the country. We donate between 60-80 points every time. We are one of the best blood donating collection centres in PE.

SCA(IMPACT) is our religious activity at our school. They come together every 2nd break to worship, sing and pray. Once a week we have a religion lesson where we can worship and on Friday afternoons we come together in the hall and enjoy singing, praying and dancing for our LORD

FIRST AID is not just Pastoral but also a service to our school. They have 2 weekends at the beginning of the year where they can qualify and then they work at all the sport events during the year. Some of our teachers are also qualified First Aiders.


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