Screening Procedure

Term 3 - 2021

  • Learners will arrive at school at their designated entry point — Gr 8 & 10 (Gate 6) Gr 9, 11 & 12 (Gate 3). (Learners must please use their designated gate to exit in the afternoons as well; Gate 1 may not be used to exit).
  • The screening team will take the temperature of each learner and ask them the screening questions to ascertain their level of health before allowing the learner to enter the It is imperative that learners are open and honest regarding their physical wellbeing; any flu like symptoms or symptoms associated with COVID-19 must be reported and will be treated as “positive” until a test has been conducted providing the necessary “negative” result for the learner to return to school.
  • Learners who are symptomatic will be escorted to the school’s quarantine centre, whereafter the parents will be contacted to collect their
  • Once the learner has been screened, they will make their way to their respective register class where they will be met by their register class The register class teacher will scan the learners’ QR code, ask the learner for their temperature, input the temperature and synchronize the classes data to the database.
  • Learners need to ensure that their QR codes have been scanned daily; this is important as the Tjop-Tjop app’s data needs to correlate with the absentee form submitted during

Please ensure your child is dropped off at their designated entry point timeously, as gates are closed at 07h40 sharp. Learners arriving after this time will need to make their way to Gate 1 to receive a late slip for late coming.

The objective of this change in procedure is to alleviate the pressure and queues in the mornings so that learners arrive at register class timeously.

Your co-operation in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Deputy Principal
Covid-19 Compliance Officer


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